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At Pension Advice London we pride ourselves on our knowledge, customer-centric approach and responsive support. We’re here to answer all your pension, wealth and retirement planning questions and we simply love to help. We avoid jargon and confusing industry terms when we talk – we want you to understand everything so you’re empowered to make informed decisions about your financial future.

We offer free initial consultations and provide advice specific to your situation. This way you can have your pension questions answered without the fear of substantial charges from the outset. We care about helping young investors start their retirement journey, assisting people to consolidate / find their lost pensions so they can best monitor and maximise their value then guide retirees financially throughout their retirement. Our London pension advisers are here to support you regardless of your pension value.

Qualified Support – Check The Register

Every qualified and regulated financial planner is required to register with the Financial Conduct Authority. We always recommend, whether you’re trusting our advisers or other advisers, to check that your financial planner is registered. Only qualified individuals authorised with the FCA can give advice regarding pensions and investments.

Ask us before your free initial review to see our credentials – your adviser will be happy to tell you more about their qualifications and you can independently check the register to give you comfort you’re receiving authorised advice.

Free Pension Check

Did you know that over 60% of adults aged between 45 and 54 don’t know how much money is in their pension pots? With many people having workplace pensions and being unaware how their portfolio is performing, it’s helpful to know you can amalgamate / consolidate pensions to make them easier and more affordable to manage.

We’ve been delighted to surprise many customers by helping them to find out how much money is in their pension. We’ve then explored how they can save money on platform fees and charges to maximise their pension, giving them more money for when they retire.

On the other hand, you may be aware of the funds you have, but if you have over £30,000 you will need to seek advice to transfer these. Our qualified pension advisers provide a holistic financial planning service.

A trusted financial adviser, such as our advisers at Pension Advice London, can help you with complete financial planning, including pensions, ISAs, bonds, wills, trusts, inheritance tax planning, capital gains tax advice and much more.

Free Pension Check

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    There’s still a belief that financial advice (pensions, ISAs, trusts, wills and much more) are only for the wealthy. Whilst we help people with millions of pounds in investments, we also support people just starting their retirement planning journey. From 18 – 80 years of age and £0 – £10 million in pensions and investments, you can contact us for trusted, responsive and caring pension advice.

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    I had always saved hard for my retirement, paying into different pensions over the years, but as I was approaching retirement I wanted to understand how much money was there and how I would afford retirement. Pension Advice London helped me plan and even access my tax-free money.

    58 Years Old

    I had no idea where to start with a pension, so thank you to everyone who helped me! It wasn’t just pensions, but complete financial planning, including helping my parents with wills, trusts and more.

    27 Years Old

    I had heard from a friend about pension freedoms / tax free money from my pension. I wanted to help my children with a deposit for their home and this was the perfect way to do it. I also feel a lot more in control of my pensions and financial planning, with the aim to retire in around 10 years.

    55 Years Old

    Meet An Adviser

    Andy Mallon is one of our trusted London based pension advisers, working with Pivotal Financial Planning, and he cares about helping clients with their pension needs. From the free initial pension enquiry through to assisting you with the management of your pension and other wealth services, Andy is by your side.

    Andy helps people start their first pension, consolidate old pensions, find and manage lost pensions and can guide you on tax efficient retirement planning options.

    London’s Pension Advisory Service

    Choosing a pension adviser isn’t an easy process. You might know a friend or family member with an adviser, but they may want to charge hundreds of pounds, just for a meeting.

    We believe that financial advice shouldn’t just be for the wealthy. You’ve worked hard to save money for your retirement – your financial planning is just as important as anyone else. Likewise, our free initial review means we don’t charge to have conversations or consider your financial position. We want every customer to feel valued and that we’re approachable and supportive of your goals.

    Holistic Financial Advice

    When you contact us, we’ll first introduce ourselves and explain what we can do to help. We’ll want to know about your aims and objectives and we’ll begin to build a picture of your needs. A qualified and regulated adviser will liaise with you every step of the way and will work at your pace.

    Our overall objective is to build a lasting relationship of trust, communication and transparency which ultimately empowers you to make informed decisions on your financial future.

    The first step is a conversation and then, when you’re comfortable, we’ll get to work on your behalf to provide you with tailored financial planning. Often enquiries to Pension Advice London request our help to support people find and manage lost pensions, access tax free money, consolidate pensions, invest wisely based on a person’s attitude to risk and deal with inheritance/ generational planning.

    For financial advice based on your needs, please get in touch. We look forward to assisting you.