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Understanding your current pension and investment situation isn’t always easy; there’s potentially multiple pensions with different providers and you may not have account numbers.

Even if you do have all the details, it may be difficult to understand the charging structure and the funds you’re invested in. This is particularly important if you only want to invest in ethical funds. Also, we always complete an Attitude To Risk (ATR) questionnaire, to understand your appetite for loss and gains. Your ATR can change over time; you may be an adventurous investor in early life but as you near retirement you may be more cautious. Your workplace pension may have you in the wrong investment fund and we can help you identify and rectify this.

The primary reason for completing a free pension review is to understand where you are invested, whether you’re on course to meet your retirement expectations and create a plan to maximise your retirement income.

Your free review can also include potential inheritance, will and trust planning, advice on investments (stocks, shares or bonds) and any other financial matters you would like to discuss. Our initial advice and report is completely free and will give you a firm understanding of your financial position and options for you to consider. If pension transfers or other services are required then fees may apply. These fees would be explained in detail and you would be under no obligation to proceed.

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To begin your free pension review, you would enquire on our contact form or send us an email. We manage your data securely and only use information in accordance with our privacy policy. We will never sell your information or send you spam.

Once we receive your enquire a qualified adviser will contact you, introduce themself and listen to your needs. They may ask some fact finding questions, but most should be fairly easy to answer. The adviser will then take steps to assist you, keeping you informed every step of the way. At the initial stage, we do not need authority to act on your behalf so you will never be asked to sign anything. This would only happen if you agree with our recommendations and instruct us to assist you.

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