Your Pension, Your Future

Pension Advice London has a simple objective; to use our knowledge and experience to guide you towards the retirement you desire. We help people at all stages of their pension and investment journey, whether you’re just starting or nearing retirement, we can help.

When you request pension and financial advice our local London advisers will contact you, explaining who we are and the process. Our initial advice is free and we’ll explore and present options to you. We begin by getting to know what’s important to you by listening to your financial and personal circumstances. When we know what you want to achieve, we can give you instant advice (if it’s a simple question) or complete further research, before presenting our findings.

You will only work with one qualified adviser at Pension Advice London and they will have a Diploma in Financial Planning and will be regulated to provide financial advice.

Pension Advice: What Can You Expect?

You can expect to receive support from a friendly, local, and experienced pension adviser. Our support means you will be empowered with advice and suggestions on how you can proceed. Depending what you would like to achieve, we can detail the specifics quickly and then you can take time to consider your options.

If you want to consolidate pensions we can assist you and the first stage is to understand your financial situation (how many pensions do you have, what’s the estimated value in each, are they stakeholder/ workplace pensions, private or final salary pensions etc). We’ll then proceed to guide you on your options as well as the pros and cons to each option. You will always make the final decision on what happens.

For our clients with more complex financial circumstances we take extra time to ensure you’re in the most tax efficient solutions.  Your adviser will detail all your options in regards to ISA allowances, bonds, trusts, wills and intergenerational wealth management, among other solutions.

Why Pension Advice Is Important?

There’s various reasons why we think you should consider pension advice for your own personal financial planning. Just some of the reasons include:

  • A financial adviser can determine if your charges for your pension plan are fair or if there’s better options.
  • A financial planners job is to ensure your objectives are being met – so if you want to make your money work for you and grow, it’s good to know an adviser is actively managing your funds.
  • You could be in the wrong funds. High risk funds should be avoided as you grow older as there’s higher probability of losses which are harder to recover from.
  • A pension adviser is also a financial adviser – they have the qualifications to help with ISAs, insurances, bonds and so much more.
  • A plan helps focus the mind and a professional adviser that’s helped others can show you how to meet your retirement targets. They will create a plan and keep you on track.
  • If you’re over 55 years old and would like to access your tax free money (and the fund is over £30,000) you would need advice from a financial adviser.

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