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Welcome to Pension Advice London. We provide qualified, experienced and supportive financial advice across Greater London and the surrounding areas. Our head adviser has over 14 years experience in the financial services industry and he’s helped clients start their first pension and has experience assisting clients to minimise their tax liabilities alongside planning and implementing intergenerational wealth solutions.

There is no pension enquiry too large or small and we guarantee our service is one of exceptional service and support. At Pension Advice London you speak directly with a pensions adviser at all times and we would be happy to meet you at a time convenient for you. Our last meeting, whether face to face, on the telephone or remotely via Teams/ Zoom is 8pm at night.

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Free Initial Pension Advice

All of our initial advice is conducted, free of charge. This includes meetings, consultations and exploring your options. We want you to feel comfortable with your qualified adviser and confident you’ve made a great decision.

Your adviser will be Andy Mallon and his primary responsibility is to empower you with the knowledge to make accurate and informed decisions, exploring and detailing all of your options, without using complicated industry jargon.

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    How Can We Help?

    We provide the full range of financial solutions through our qualified and experienced advisers, paraplanners and administration team.

    You’re in safe hands with us – here’s how we can help:

    First Pension

    Setup your first pension.

    Pension Transfer

    Consolidate and transfer pensions.


    Advice on stocks and shares or cash ISAs.

    Unit Trusts

    Advice on unit trusts.

    Wealth Planning

    Intergenerational wealth management.


    Onshore and offshore bonds.

    Estate Planning & Wills

    Support to shield your estate and protect family.


    Financial protection solutions.

    And many other solutions designed to financially protect you throughout your lifetime.

    Talk to Andy

    If you would like to talk to Andy, please leave your details below and we’ll be back in touch soon.

    I had always saved hard for my retirement, paying into different pensions over the years, but as I was approaching retirement I wanted to understand how much money was there and how I would afford retirement. Pension Advice London helped me plan and even access my tax-free money.

    58 Years Old

    I had no idea where to start with a pension, so thank you to everyone who helped me! It wasn’t just pensions, but complete financial planning, including helping my parents with wills, trusts and more.

    27 Years Old

    I had heard from a friend about pension freedoms / tax free money from my pension. I wanted to help my children with a deposit for their home and this was the perfect way to do it. I also feel a lot more in control of my pensions and financial planning, with the aim to retire in around 10 years.

    55 Years Old

    Financial advice can leave non-affluent savers around £50,000 richer over 10 years

    International Longevity Centre (ILC)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Qualified financial advisers complete exams to allow them to offer qualified, regulated advice. It usually takes years to become qualified and gain the experience required to help clients with their financial planning. That’s why finding a friendly, approachable and trusted financial adviser is so important.

    Some of the most common questions clients have are listed below, alongside the answers. However, if you have your own questions, please get in touch.

    We offer a complete range of financial planning services, from pensions, bonds, SIPPs, Unit Trusts, Estate Planning and much more. Our objective is to understand your needs and help you financially plan for your future.

    Your financial adviser, Andrew Mallon, is regulated with the Financial Conduct Authority (Reference number: AXM04247) and has been working in the financial services industry for over a decade!

    You can check the FCA register and we would encourage you to do so before seeking financial advice from any organisation.

    We don’t have a minimum threshold to help someone with their financial planning needs. We help everyone from 20-year-old self-employed business owners starting their first pension to 65+ year-olds who want to minimise their tax liabilities and create intergenerational wealth.

    One of the most common requests we receive is from people who don’t have an adviser and want to find and/ or merge their old pensions into one manageable pension.

    All pension advisers charge fees when work needs to be conducted (e.g. pension transfer, setting up a new pension etc) and we’re very transparent about our costs. However, unlike many other advisers, we don’t charge fees at the initial stage. That means when you enquire and speak to your adviser you can receive a free consultation and talk through all of your options for free. We’ll complete the initial stages so you get to know and trust your adviser and you’re not financially “out of pocket”.

    We typically call you the same day you enquire and you can speak to a qualified adviser. If you wish to proceed with a solution your adviser will outline the timescales. Often we need to write to your provider on your behalf to fully understand your financial circumstances and this can take weeks to hear back.

    Because our advisers are based in London we really enjoy meeting people face to face. Covid-19 stopped many of our face-to-face meetings, but where possible, we try to sit down, in-person to chat everything through.

    We can also complete telephone and remote (Teams / Zoom) appointments if you would prefer.

    I have my own question...

    If you have your own question, why not ask it here and we’ll be back in touch with the answer?

    Pensions Expert

    Complete the form below to have an informal chat with a local pensions expert! We want you to receive qualified advice as quickly as possible, so you’ll speak directly with Andy who will listen to your needs and recommend how to proceed.

    The initial conversations are free and if any fees are required to be charged, you’re made aware of these in advance.